Schools have an unmatched opportunity to invite students to engage.  Over the last several years, civic learning has lost its prominence in the formal American education system.  Students have less opportunity to develop their knowledge about our form of government, our history, and forge the skills necessary to support their engagement and develop their citizenship. 

The bi-partisan Democracy Project recently published a report titled “Reversing a Crisis of Confidence” that addresses public attitudes toward democratic principles and institutions. One of the key recommendations of the report is around greater civic education.

Democracy is never a final achievement. It is a call to an untiring effort.
— John F. Kennedy

We are excited to partner with schools and our educators in our community to help support programs and initiatives as part of a robust civics curriculum. We want to ensure public education teachers have support in building civics curriculum, discussing current events, and creating experiential and service learning opportunities for their students.   


We also work to promote high quality civic learning opportunities for all youth regardless of educational, economic and racial background, and immigration status.  Effective civic development across all members of our community can help ensure the underserved groups gain an active voice in our community and help promote overall improvements in civic equity.  Currently low-income communities of color have fewer and less high quality civic learning and engagement opportunities.  We look to partner with our community to ensure opportunities are equally presented to all young citizens.